The Squirrels Go Pumpkin Pickin’

The all new episode of The Squirrels stars the lovable tough girl Abby and her brother Andy who has an epic plan to scare her while she is picking out her pumpkin for the season.

“We love doing holiday episodes, after the success of all our Christmas shorts, some spring and summer stuff, we thought it was fitting to do a Halloween/Thanksgiving episode. There are a lot of characters and I wanted to make sure each one has their own spotlight with an episode and this is the first time we really get to see Abby other than in The Egg of Darkness. William Sikora said.

“Abby is a spunky character and we needed a spunky actress to voice her. Emily Hoffman came in with a submission and was cast as the role of the only girl squirrel in the family. She did a really great job capturing Abby, clearly she is not a squirrel you wanna mess with!”

The series will continue in 2016 with more episodes and content, you can follow them on Facebook HERE and watch the new episode HERE.