Apple Features Fluffymoji On The App Store

Sikora Entertainment’s first dive into the app world has proven a great success! Fans of Fluffy Friends around the world all agree Fluffymoji is one of their favorite sticker apps, a new feature that was recently added to iOS 10. The sticker pack includes over 80 animated and stickers.

“It took a lot of time to design the stickers, posing all the characters in shoots then taking them into Photoshop to cut them out and animate them and give them even more personality, I could’ve gone on forever but we wrapped up the first release with 75 stickers and just recently added more for free.” Sikora said.

Apple featured Fluffymoji on the App Store this March on their front page under “New Stickers We Love”.

“It was a shock and an incredible honor, I literally jumped for joy when I saw that. Apple could’ve picked any of the millions of apps out there but they saw the passion I put into mine and featured it ahead of bigger names like Care Bears and Lego Batman. It was crazy!” Sikora continued. “We have already been working on Fluffymoji 2 for the past couple of months which features over 175 animated stickers and emojis, these ones are just amazing and I can’t wait till it releases this week!” Sikora said.

It looks like it’s just the beginning for Fluffymoji as their newest sticker app hits stores soon and word is they are developing a version for Android devices too.