Brian Friedman Enlists Sikora For BSBF

Dancer and choreographer, Brian Friedman has created the choreography for many popular music artists – such as Britney Spears, Cher, Beyoncé Knowles and Mariah Carey – as well as for music videos, concert tours and television and film productions. Now he is taking on the fashion world with his new line of clothing for dancers BSBF (Brian Says Be Free).

BSBF shot two music videos, one for the teen line and the other adult. Each video features some well known and popular dancers around the world wearing the clothing.

With his direction, Brian enlisted Sikora Entertainment to handle the post production for the two music videos that promote the line of clothing. The concept was to be edgy, sexy and insane.

“I took on the project, there was tons of footage to sort through featuring amazing dancers, literally over an hour of nonstop dancing footage I had to cut down to 3 minutes. After that, we started on effects, giving it a ghostly, psychotic feel to it as the music progressed. I think we nailed it.” Sikora said.

You can watch the two music videos HERE and check out the BSBF clothing line HERE.