BTV Exploded In Growth In 2013

It is no doubt, BTV has had an amazing year!  New shows, new subscribers, new ways of getting content out to viewers, the growth has been tremendous compared to previous years and the lifetime of BTV’s YouTube channel.

BTV also signed an agreement with BroadbandTV Network aka VISO TV which helped bring in more views and ad revenue for the videos.

For the year 2013:

97,578,681 Total Views
41,412,286 Views in 2013

96,960,500 Minutes Watched in 2013
184 Years Worth of Watched Videos in 2013

41,359 Total Subscribers
27,500 Subscribers in 2013

“We could not be any happier with our stats this year.  It has been a year of change, we’ve focused on our target demographic much more and tried to still deliver an all around variety of entertainment on our channel with short films, reality content, animation, and more.  Our gaming shows have skyrocketed and we are definitely expanding it this year as well as adding new shows.”  BTV said.

Will 2014 blow 2013 away? Only time will tell.  There are a few big releases planned that will surely start the year off right.  If you aren’t subscribed, CLICK HERE to visit BTV’s YouTube channel