BTV Signs Deal With BroadbandTV Network

Sikora Entertainment and BTV just signed a deal with BroadbandTV to help expand their footprint in the media.  “We are very excited for this partnership and are looking forward to seeing our channel grow and gain new fans around the world!  This is the biggest step we’ve taken to market our videos and shows, which we take much pride in!”  William Sikora said.

BroadbandTV works with Warner Bros., Universal, Sony, Columbia Pictures, The NBA, and of course YouTube as well as many other organizations helping their brand.

BTV content will still be posted on it’s original channel, but additional content will make it’s way across the BroadbandTV network on hubs like VISO Games which boasts 400 million views, VISO Comedy, and many other internet hubs.

“We are ready to grow, this is our year to expand in many ways.”  William Sikora ended.

You can subscribe to BTV by visiting the official YouTube page HERE.