BTV Signs With Defy Media

Today, BTV signed a new partnership with Defy Media, who will help grow BTV into a bigger network. Defy Media is known for some huge sites and channels on YouTube like Smosh (20 million subscribers) and the viral video website BREAK as well as many other famous brands.

Our brands resonate with the digital generation because we share their interests and obsess over the same topics. It’s this powerful relationship between creator and audience that has built massive and deeply passionate communities across the content and screens that matter most to our audience — and it’s this personal level of engagement that’s the driving force behind our beloved brands.

“We are very excited to be joining the family of Defy Media, it is a big step, my YouTube channel is my baby, it is the result of years and years of passion and work, I am fully dedicated to it and BTV will only grow bigger after today.” Sikora said.

If you aren’t subscribed to BTV, you can visit the channel HERE.