BTV Unveils New Logo

After BTV reached 100 million views on YouTube, the channel decided to do something special and include the fans by letting them vote on a new logo. The contest was open for a month and the race was neck-and-neck for a while as fans voted to keep the original logo but in the end a similar logo with a different color scheme was the winner!  The logo goes into effect today across all websites, mobile sites, and YouTube.


“We really wanted our fans to have a voice and to say thank you for all their support, we thought it was a fun way to thank them! We are really happy with the new design, it was our first choice and looks like it was the fans first choice.  Fans had the option to send in their own logos but none of them ended up making the cut, but were excited to get a response from our fans!”  BTV said.

What do you think of the new logo?  Leave a comment and watch some BTV.