Dragons Rise Up From Extinction

In this animated short created entirely in GTA V, dragons have returned and are ready to take back their world!

Grand Theft Auto 5 has opened a world of opportunities with their amazing Rockstar Editor which lets creators make films in their digital world, controlling cameras, editing, effects and all. Combined with mods made by users, even more possibilities arise.

This is not the first animated short Sikora made, he’s also done a Planet of the Apes parody trailer, The Hulk, Twister, and more! He’s currently working on a Star Wars short created entirely in the game.

“It really allows me to be creative in a digital world creating animated shorts that I would not be able to do otherwise. The Rockstar Editor is amazingly powerful and I am so happy that Rockstar has made this software available to everyone. It’s crazy, because it is included in the game, so anyone has the ability to make movie magic. It sounds simple to make a basic movie but it can get quite complicated especially if you follow filmmaking rules.” Sikora said.

Sikora Entertainment created a ten minute short film OCEANS about whales, back in February. “The film really shows off what you can do in this world. Your first impression may think it’s some violent, gun shooting game, but this film’s main characters are all sea life and it’s beautiful!” Sikora continued.

Watch THE LAST DRAGON below and if you want to see more GTA films CLICK HERE