LaTonka Gets Upgraded

After three years, LaTonka is getting an upgrade, a major one! The all new custom designed puppet makes her debut in a hilarious makeover episode which puts her in a cryo-tube that transforms her entire look.

“Our original puppet was getting very old and raggedy. The seams were ripping apart and the hair was coming off, it was definitely time to think about our next phase for LaTonka. I had to tread very carefully, because changing up a character can really turn fans off if it’s done wrong. Her personality is identical, just the outward appearance has been upgraded. The new LaTonka now has eyebrows, fingers, real hair, and a full body. It was a risky move, but overall the fans are loving her.” Sikora said.


Fluffy Friends has had an amazing year in terms of growth, celebrating one year anniversary of the smash hit series “Word of the Day” this October. Fluffy Friends will also be releasing a sticker app for iOS 10 this month which features over 65 stickers!

“We are excited to see where we can take these puppets! There is a lot in the works.” Sikora ended.