New REBORN Artwork Unveiled

Sikora unveiled his latest REBORN artwork today and it features one of his grandest visuals yet.

“The concept developed as I was working on it, I know I wanted to use the photo of the French woman which was from the 1860s. The addition of the ocean really started bringing the idea together as Mother Earth. She originally was holding a large feather fan in her hand, when I was pretty much finished with the work, I got the idea to add some seagulls as if they are following her because she represents nourishment and life. That further developed into me adding the water can in her hand instead, creating a “feeding the world” waterfall effect. The crown is actually from the Mind Dynasty which dates back to 1368-1644.” Sikora said.

Combining all these elements into a cohesive piece isn’t always easy as Sikora trials and errors concepts. In the end, Mother Earth is seen crossing over her land, feeding her world and nourishing life. You can buy this new work of art at