“Patch” 4th Anniversary HD Re-Release

Celebrating the 4th anniversary of Patch, Sikora Entertainment is re-releasing the film for the first time in full in High Definition.  It also has been recolored, and tweaked to achieve the best quality in sharpness and clarity.

“Since the film was created in 2008, it was still new for us to release HD content online, we created and released the film in standard definition, then a couple years later released in 720p, not full HD, but enough.  This year, we stepped it up even more to 1080p.  It is a tedious process manually sharpening every image since they can’t easily be scaled up.”  The director said.

Sikora Entertainment also rebranded the film from the previous “B Entertainment Animation Studios.” Everything else remains intact and unchanged.  Patch still contains the beautiful, heartfelt score was originally composed for the film by Ian Henderson.

Look for the film to premiere at 12AM EST/9pm PST on BTV.