Perez Hilton Writes About Our Rebecca Black Video

Most of you already know who Rebecca Black is, if not, she was the 13 year old girl who went viral with her song Friday and became the most searched thing on Google in 2011, (beating Steve Jobs’ death, the iPhone, and everything else!)  It has been a couple of years since then and Rebecca has continued to release songs and videos, each one getting better and better.

Her latest release is a cover of Rihanna’s Stay, a beautiful haunting ballad.  William Sikora III was tapped to direct the video, a turning point in Black’s musical career.  “You really get a different side of Rebecca, she has grown, her voice has matured, she has found her sound, and capturing that moment was important.”  Sikora said.

The video features YouTube star Dave Days who also has a massive following on his channel with  over 2.5 million subscribers.

Rebecca Black  "Stay" Directed by William Sikora IIIClick on the image above to see full size, or click here to read the article

Stay  features a beautifully soft, emotional, light filled vibe that is the perfect step in the budding star’s career.

You can watch the video below: