Puppet Gamer Debuts on BTV

Puppet Gamer makes it’s surprise debut on BTV today with two premiere episodes! The show was announced over a year ago but production was waiting for the right moment to premiere it and finally it’s here and it’s great! Ollie is the host of the show, he’s a puppet who plays video games and gives his honest opinions and reactions while playing. The first two episodes feature updates to some viral hits: Goat MMO Simulator and Five Nights At Freddy’s 2.

Ollie is also Sikora Entertainment’s first completely original puppet that was custom designed. “He needed to look fun and happy with big warm eyes.” Sikora said.

“These were two games that were screaming for Puppet Gamer, it needed to be fun and edgy.” BTV said. “We jumped right on it as the two games were released this week.”

Puppet Gamer follows in the success of Gizmo a gaming/tech show that has garnered hundreds of millions of views for the channel and nearly 100k subscribers.

Watch the show HERE.