Sikora Discusses The Art of Reborn

Sikora talks about his creative ideas in his latest art project, REBORN.  The featurette goes behind the scenes and into the process of how a Reborn image gets made. Reborn is a mixed media project that incorporates forgotten old photos from the early days and mashes them into surreal, artistic worlds.

When it comes to trying to figure out the story behind the photo, “You have to kinda think outside of the box, I do as much research as possible.” Sikora says when making an image.

There are almost twenty designs that Sikora has made already and is working on a new series of images.  Some of the artwork features well known faces like, Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, and even Mona Lisa gets a new look in the series.

For the first time, the artwork is available to purchase thanks to a partnership with Fine Art America, one of the leading art printers and framers online.  There are many options to choose from when customizing your print, you can get the art printed on acrylic or metal sheets even!

Watch the video and then click over to the REBORN website to discover more!