Star Wars Fan Film Unleashed

Just in time to celebrate Rogue One, we’ve released a passion project/fan-film to you all! Star Wars: Rise of the Empire is an action packed animated fan film unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The film was created entirely in a video game and that game is Grand Theft Auto V.  Known for being a crime filled open world game, it was transformed into the world of Star Wars using mods.

“I wanted to bring together epic action scenes in one massive film, nothing but the fun stuff! Thanks to all these mods people create, I was able to bring them into the game and play as characters like Darth Vader, Yoda and even fly an X-Wing. It was incredibly fun, but incredibly tedious to bring it all together.” Sikora said.

Using Rockstar Editor in GTAV, the film was crafted, everything from the angles, to the depth of field and effects, it’s a massive undertaking to complete one of these projects. The software was last used in OCEANS, a film about a mother whale and her daughter. Like this film, OCEANS took viewers completely outside the typical known world of GTA V and sent them on an underwater adventure with all sorts of marine life.

Watch the action packed fan-film RISE OF THE EMPIRE, right here!

Sikora Entertainment does NOT own the rights to Star Wars, this is a fan film for non profit.  Disney/Lucasfilm own the characters.