Start Your Fyr

BTV received a major rebranding as part of the final move away from the “B” names the company originally started with. In 2012, B Entertainment changed to Sikora Entertainment. “BTV was thriving on YouTube at that time and a re-branding was not in the works. YouTube and our channel has changed a lot over the years, we narrowed down our audience, put shows on their own channels and really tried to solidify the experience. While we are still growing, we came across challenges that slowed us down, tried to put out our fire. It took months to figure out a good name that could replace it.” Sikora said.

BTV officially made the switch in January and is not looking back. FYRtv is not an acronym, it’s simply FIRE. “There is a passionate fire burning inside that has always been there, the past couple years have tried to put our fire out but we will not let that happen, so the name was perfect for our mindset.” FYRtv said.

“Fans will still be getting the same quality content, just a sharper focus on delivering great videos, I am excited to see where we can go.” Sikora said.