The Hamsters Are Alive!

The Hamsters, an animated series that was set to premiere on BTV back in 2007, was shelved due to scheduling, has finally seen some light!  The series was originally going to be an animated film, then moved to a short animation web series never saw a release beyond the teaser trailer…

Now in 2013, Sikora Entertainment has revived the series, renamed it as Hamster Fred, and released the furry pets as a web comic series. “Hamster Fred is a series I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but with some limitations we had in animation and scheduling, it held us back. Having a web comic is just the start of Hamster Fred, we are testing the waters right now, depending how well the comic does, we may push it back into a web series and produce it.”  Sikora said.

There are numerous episodes already produced, two have been released today and can be seen HERE on Tapastic.  You can also download the app from the Android or iOS App Store and subscribe to read the comics on your mobile device.

What do you think about a web comic series?  Are you a fan of Hamster Fred?  Check out some early renderings/concept art of Fred (who was originally named Fluffy) and some of his family as well as an audition video for the voice of Chunk, recorded in 2007.