THE VISITOR Brings Back The Horror

The new horror film The Visitor premiered on BTV today that shows the raw documented footage of David Perez and the strange phenomenons that occurred in a house he was studying. The “found footage” film follows in the footsteps of 2010’s release of The Jealous Spirit which has surpassed over 1 million views and left viewers in fear.

David Perez, played by Elias Montalvo has a fascination with ghosts and paranormal things; after his aunt complains of strange things happening in her house, he sets off to uncover the mysteries and document it all with a small film crew.

“The scares are bigger, the footage is raw, dark, and creepy. Viewers already are trying to figure out what happened exactly in that house.” BTV said.

“Plans were to initially release the film in January 2015, but it was bumped up to December 12th since the video was ready to go ahead of schedule. It is not very typical to release a horror film in December, but we like to change things up a bit.” Sikora said.

You can watch the film HERE.