Adventure Brothers Brings The Fun

Adventure Brothers continues their first season discovering the epic islands of Hawaii. Their latest episode takes them to the Nakalele Blowhole where a massive hole in the ocean rock blasts water up to 100 feet in the air. It’s a dangerous place that has claimed the lives of a couple tourists and truly showcases the power of the ocean!

You can watch the episode below and don’t forget to subscribe HERE.

It’s Time To Get Fluffy

After many years of making Vines and Instagram videos, 2015 was a big year for Fluffy Friends. Early in the year, a few videos went viral across the web and gave the show a big jump on Instagram. As with every viral sensation, the fire soon fades after a while and Sikora went back to the drawing board to figure out how to keep the momentum going. Cookie Monster was making a lot of appearances in the video and Sikora had little desire to keep using him since he didn’t own the character, enter Ollie!

Ollie was a puppet custom made for Sikora a couple years back but he never really found a place. “I didn’t want to just throw him into the mix, I was actually giving him his own gaming show, which turned out to be a very difficult process to review games, play them and react using the puppet at the same time. He didn’t really find an audience there so he was put back on the shelf for a bit. It wasn’t until this summer when I decided to say goodbye to Cookie and replace him with Ollie as the new roomie and create a new YouTube channel with Fluffy content only (compared to being thrown in the mix of all the variety of content on BTV.) I really didn’t think we would hit big again but I was certainly wrong!” Sikora said.

Ollie teamed up with LaTonka in the hilarious series Word of the Day which immediately took the internet by storm, shooting their small amount of followers over 5,000. They were late to the Facebook party, creating a page in October, as of today, they have over 21,000 Likes! (That’s lightyears ahead of every other Sikora Entertainment Facebook page!) Their YouTube page started performing better than BTV, racking up thousands of subscribers in just one month.

This week also marked a big day for Fluffy Friends with the grand opening of their store which has over 60 items to purchase ranging from t-shirts to magnets, cards, to pillows, cases, keychains and much more!

Not to mention, LaTonka will be getting her own show on the YouTube channel in 2016! It’s looking like Fluffy Friends is just starting to see it’s success after these many years. Everyone is loving LaTonka and Ollie!