Sikora always said his love for photography went hand in hand with his skills in filmmaking.  While in film school, Sikora’s first ‘real’ camera, captured everything in his life and he used his eye in filmmaking to help further his self-taught photography skills.  He loved watching people and capturing moments in time.  From there he began to offer his services as a photographer.

Sikora’s move to Los Angeles in 2010, really set the pace for Sikora Foto. From shooting celebrities to creating a robust portfolio of various models and looks, Sikora Foto is raising the bar for itself every day.

Now, it has become a full fledged photography service that offers amazing quality work for an unbeatable price.  From headshots to fashion shoots, promo to portraits,  Sikora Foto is… LIFE. CAPTURED. Visit the portfolio website to see a wide selection of our work.