Go Behind The Scenes on FIERCE

Go behind the scenes on the music video FIERCE by Ultra Nate, Angelica Ross and Mila Jam. Directors Frank Gatson Jr. and William Sikora III set out to create an epic, eye popping visual for the song, taking viewers into Fierce HQ to find the fiercest people in the world. 

Angelica Ross Debuts Music Video

Angelica Ross has been a fan favorite on the Emmy Award winning show POSE and also American Horror Story but now she is stepping out into the world of music. Her debut single “Only You” is a beautiful pop ballad that will be stuck in your head.

“When I was first brought onto this project in the Fall of 2021, I heard the song and immediately imagined a desert. They already had a treatment together for the video but I wanted to take it to the next level and really do something unique for Angelica. There are too many music videos out there already that follow the same formula, it really was important for me to avoid that, especially being her first music video release.” Sikora said.

The results are a visual joyride that takes viewers through an epic love story, searching for the one. 

“This was one of the most extreme shoots I ever did. We were expecting to be out in the desert in the heat but it ended up being around 45 degrees and very windy with the temperatures dropping to 38 by nightfall. Angelica’s attire was next to nothing so it was even harder for her. It was brutal and Angelica was a trooper with no complaints.”

Angelica is an independent artist, so your support matters, go buy/stream the song ONLY YOU and watch her video below.

Flashback: Making The Egg of Darkness

The last of the Squirrelings must go on an epic adventure to stop the evil emperor from using a powerful crystal to cover the world in darkness.

The animated adventure, The Egg of Darkness premiered in 2014 and garnered millions of views. Due to some issues, the film in it’s original form had to be removed from YouTube. It then went through a “Special Edition” process. Many scenes were altered and enhanced with better animation, shading, and color. It took months to redo and it was re-released featuring new characters The Squirrels from a new series William Sikora was also working on at the time. The Egg of Darkness: Special Edition premiered later that Fall.

Join Red, the squirrel as he journeys to save the world from the evil emperor of the Reptilias, who threatens to cover the land in darkness forever. Directed by William Sikora III. Starring: Tyler Parks, Christina Benthall, Tyler Jacob, William Sikora , Jason Marks, & Chris Alvarado. Inspired from 80’s fantasy films The Never Ending Story and The Dark Crystal, The Egg of Darkness is an animated film full of adventure and fun for the whole family.

Go behind the scenes and meet the voice cast and see how it was made.

Brandy Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Full Moon

It’s been twenty years since Brandy released her history making album Full Moon and now she’s ready to celebrate with new vocals, new visuals and more.

“Working with Brandy is always an amazing experience and I wanted to capture her like never before. Beauty, grace, sensuality, romanticism, power. There is so much that exudes from her and this album has touched so many lives, it was important to really try to elevate everything to really make the fans happy.” Sikora said.

Working with the legendary Frank Gatson Jr., Brandy released a teaser featuring a haunting familiar melody.

“We put a moon in there and Frank brought out a telescope which harkened back to Brandy’s Full Moon music video. It was definitely a nod to it and fans recognized it immediately!” Sikora continued.

Stay tuned for more of what Brandy has coming as a new moon is rising!

Fluffy Friends Haunted House Announced

It’s been a while since Fluffy Friends fans have gotten a movie and it looks like the wait will soon be over. Haunted House will take audiences into the world of Fluffington and down the wrong street where Ollie and the gang come across a house of horrors.

“Making horror parodies was a huge part of Fluffy Friends success, we’ve made funny horror movies like Saw, Us, It, Invisible Man as well as the originals Momo and Amy which was a play on Chucky. I am so excited to create more laughs and screams with this haunted adventure.” director and created Sikora said.

The film will star Ollie, Buster, Squirt and the annoyingly lovable Brittany.

Fluffy Friends Haunted House will be the first big release since The Fluff Awakens an epic Star Wars parody premiered in February 2020.

“That movie literally drained me, it was so much work, I believe it was at least over 200 hours put in myself. The reception was all love but sadly no one really watched it, it was quite upsetting but I am so so proud of that project, I put my heart and soul into bringing it to life and it was filmed entirely on a green screen. I will be doing the same thing with this upcoming Haunted House movie, we can take audiences anywhere we want with the magic of special effects and I know they are really gonna enjoy this!” Sikora continued.

Look for Fluffy Friends Haunted House to premiere this October on YouTube and Prime Video.

Go Behind The Scenes on Trent Park’s “Everybody”

The multi talented Trent Park teamed up once again with director William Sikora III to bring his latest single “Everybody” to life. Joel Brandano captured the entire production which you can watch right here.

The song really connects with people in the industry who moved out to LA to chase their dreams and Trent’s music is as personal as it gets for the rising star who also wrote and produced the track.


Director: @trentpark @iamsikora
Producer: Trent Park
Editor/Color: William Sikora III
Stylist: @vernonjones_
Lighting Director: @dagoodman13
HMUA: @jordandavidartistry
Production Manager: @callme_trina
Movement Director: @arh.83
Dancers: @arh.83 @realtor.rw
Model: @landonxxl
PA: @asicbenson @hunterleerich
Designer (cardboard heads): @hudhaus
Behind The Scenes: @joelbrandano

Bringing Lone Wolf To Life

When William Sikora III set out to make Lone Wolf, he had no idea what he was actually about to create.
“I started out just wanting to capture some really great drone footage and take some epic imagery with my poncho. When the long day of filming was over, I felt so happy and free. I spent the entire day alone and managed to capture everything myself. That really was fundamental in driving this film’s narrative. It was a tough shoot, I was wearing shoes originally but the fields had so many prickly things sticking to me, I ended up taking off my shoes and socks entirely. Towards the end of the day I got a cut on my footage and luckily had a bandage to wrap my foot up with but it was bright pink. I am glad you don’t see that anywhere in the film!” Sikora laughed. “It was painful but so worth it in the end.” 

Epic landscapes and an empowering voiceover worked together to give people a peek at a man alone in the wilderness embracing himself and his own life.

“Originally, there was no narration…I felt that it needed a little splash of dialogue to really tie everything together. Visually it was there but when I wrote the script after doing research on people’s perspectives of what a lone wolf is and why and all, that’s when it all just clicked. The worn paths in the fields represented the paths we take everyday, over and over. There is a lot of symbolism in the film that I think really connected people to it.” Sikora continued.

Lone Wolf’s magical drone shots were captured with the DJI Mavic Air 2 which Sikora filmed entirely himself. 

“The film can resonate with everyone, we all experience the same day in and day out life, things get really redundant and almost robotic, that’s not how we are designed to life and it is draining. Getting out there and learning who you are and what you love and actually doing it is beyond rewarding, it’s something you will thank yourself for over and over. I hope that this film inspires at least one person, it will make it all worth it.”

Lone Wolf is now streaming on YouTube and Amazon’s Prime Video.

The Borderline With Brandy

Brandy’s seventh studio album B7 kicked off with “Baby Mama” which was a bright and colorful anthem to single mothers out there. “Borderline” was a totally different song about the struggles with mental health and a relationship that emotionally took the singer to the borderline.

“Being on set, getting to film the entire experience, it was unlike other videos.” Sikora said.

The singer/actress really honed in her skills to fully embrace the acting in the video. “Borderline” is a deeply emotional song and very personal to the singer. Go behind the scenes and watch the making of the video. “It is such an honor to get to capture these moments with someone so legendary in the music game, it’s kind of mind boggling that I am a part of a chapter in this all.” Sikora said.

B7 is now out in stores and available all music platforms!

Vibing With Jermaine McGhee

Meet the mind behind Da Vibe, an incredibly raw and powerful musical dance piece created by Jermaine McGhee. The creative has an MFA in Dance: Creative Practice with a Certification in Dance Stage Management and set out to bring his final thesis to life on stage this Spring but COVID-19 had other plans.

“My initial plan for Da Vibe was to present the work on a proscenium stage. In my mind I saw the work unfold in an auditorium with various light fixtures, specials and specific light cues. I assumed that the proscenium stage could better manifest the thoughts of this research lead choreographic exploration on black bodies.  However, when March 15, 2020 came, the panic of a global pandemic, COVID 19, derailed my conception and presentation of the work, Da Vibe. Once the seriousness and fear of the virus set in, I immediately brainstormed how I would be able to present this deep and meaningful work about African Aesthetics in a clear and demonstrative way. I called on colleagues, friends and family to bounce ideas off of and eventually came to the conclusion that a concept video would be the best way to represent how theory and research converge into a creative choreographic illustration.” Jermaine said.

The project had to get done but how?

“Through quick thinking and re-evaluation, my thesis Da Vibe transitioned swiftly from a live stage show to a video presentation. I struggled with casting of dancers, confirmation of venue and selection of a director/videographer, due to the wide spread impact of Covid 19. I found myself nervous and anxious to figure out how this work would come together with mandated restrictions and curfews imposed by local and state government. However, my big sister Andrea Jasper, Tour Manager for Kiaos Dance Convention, was a great resource in helping book dancers and confirm director and videographer great, William Sikora III. I was so grateful and excited to work with him as he is one of the best in the business.” Jermaine explained.

William Sikora III has been in his circle for quite some time thanks to Andrea Jasper but it wasn’t till now, that the two would work together.

“When Jermaine asked me if I wanted to be a part of this project, I immediately jumped on it when he explained the concept and vision. It was a small scale production that with simple guidelines we could pull off even in the midst of COVID-19. We filmed the entire thing in a half day and had it edited and ready to present less than two days later.” Sikora stated.

Looking back at the piece that came alive Jermaine said “I was struck by the visuals in every section. I witnessed the dexterity and grace of each artist and I notice my shortcomings as choreographer due to time along with the difficulty of the work as a dancer. I was so pleased with every artist contribution to the piece. As I watched the completed version of the Da Vibe, I was relieved and grateful that it manifested in reality as it was depicted in my mind. All the colors, shapes, and skills of the black bodies in the work made me proud to be a black man adding to the continuum of African Aesthetics with my art.”

Sikora was very moved being a part of this project saying “Working alongside the creative direction of Jermaine was incredibly easy, he was a wonder and professional who clearly had a passion for what was happening in that studio. I don’t think I’ve ever broken down while filming something before but during the dance number with dancer Danni Rogers and Lila Hood, everything was just so intense. This was also during the peak of protests and craziness with George Floyd and others, I felt so much emotion filming that once the scene was done, I kinda lost it…that really speaks to the artists, they created something so powerful, I was just lucky enough to capture it.”

So, the project was completed and now Jermaine had to turn in his video thesis and present it to the world.

“Once I finally showed the work to faculty at St. Mary’s College of California Dance Department, family members and colleagues, the response was overwhelming. So many people said wow, I didn’t know you could do that, or the dancers and choreography were excellent. Others explained how significant the work was due to the persistent racial divide and inequity that exist here in America. I recognized as a supporter of Black Lives Matter and a black art maker, it is important to fully express the black experience in dance, culture and society.” Jermaine said.

Ending on a note looking ahead, Jermaine has big plans.

“In a perfect world I would love to take my work on tour or actually do the stage version of it in Los Angeles, California. It is my hope to educate and challenge the authority of the Eurocentric point of view in dance and culture. In my mind, I believe dance serves as a creative vehicle to communicate and inform people about lack of justice, false narratives and life experiences. With that said, the black experience and African Aesthetics are interwoven in the fabric of American culture yet has been consistently devalued and underrepresented. I wanted to create work to illuminate the tenets of African Aesthetics and their influence on America culture thereby displaying the importance of black people and their prominence within the art form of dance.”

You can learn more about Jermaine on his official website here.

Watch the full film below:

Rise Of The Content Creator

COVID-19 changed our world forever. Businesses are closed up, food is scarce and toilet paper is impossible to find! The spread of the virus put most of the world into a lock down leaving people stuck at home with nothing to do. We are now 2+ months in and it’s been incredibly interesting seeing how people adapt and survive through tough situations. Unemployment is sky high, suicide rates are through the roof and then there are people who are thriving through all of this. Luckily for me, I am thriving…I’ll get to that in a bit….

TV networks and movie studios have been shut down with no new content being created for audiences. Movie theaters are going to have a rough summer and may not even survive when things slowly open back up. I personally have no desire to rush back into a theater, especially if I have to wear a mask. 

Disney+ when it was first announced.

Streaming networks on the other hand have been surging, Disney+ was just launched in November of 2019 and it’s now become one of the biggest streamers out there. Its launch couldn’t have come at a better time. As theaters started shuttered just a week into Disney/Pixar’s Onward, Disney+ became the perfect platform to bring the big budget movie over to early. Other films followed and still have been a great success at home. The same will go for other content that was set to hit theaters this summer. Netflix has found hits during quarantine in “Tiger King” becoming one of its most watched series ever. But soon, if things don’t pick up, hit shows will be delayed and big budget production content will be scarce and that’s actually already happening.

A short, filmed in April 2019 and edited in April of 2020

This is also the time for content creators at home to rise. I’ve seen more creativity flourishing on my social media than I have ever seen! TikTok has massively grown over quarantine, with users creating their own content that has helped entertain people at home. As a content creator, I had more time to create at home as well. There are always projects on the shelf I can easily pull off and tackle. As hiking trails opened up, I ventured out and created even more new content with a drone I bought. Now is the time to get up and create stuff. My Fluffy Friends channel saw huge boosts as my comedy content helped add a sense of laughter to peoples days. Yes, I know, COVID-19 is a serious matter but also helping people cope and keep smiling is just as serious. I was born to entertain, this is what I do.

“I never really understood people who just sit around and do nothing all day…”

Sikora has been having adventures with his drone.

There are videographers, photographers, designers, and more out there creating stuff digitally and physically. Not everyone is blessed with creativity but that doesn’t mean you can’t hone in on something and become creative. I never really understood people who just sit around and do nothing all day and don’t aspire to really be anything great. Going to the bars and clubs every weekend, isn’t living…it’s pretty mundane and now those people are stuck at home bored to death.  I can’t say I am ever bored, I always have something to work on and I am grateful for that because that’s me but that’s not everyone. That’s what sets people apart. It’s an adapt or die type of situation. We have all been put into this lock down, it’s like OK, now let’s figure this out, how do I get through this and come out on top?

“We as creators, are on the rise…”

This is also the time for content creators at home to rise. I’ve seen more creativity flourishing on my social media than I have ever seen! TikTok has massively grown over quarantine, with users creating their own content that has helped entertain people at home. As a content creator, I had more time to create at home as well. There are always projects on the shelf I can easily pull off and tackle. As hiking trails opened up, I ventured out and created even more new content with a drone I bought. Now is the time to get up and create stuff. My Fluffy Friends channel saw huge boosts as my comedy content helped add a sense of laughter to peoples days. Yes, I know, COVID-19 is a serious matter but also helping people cope and keep smiling is just as serious. I was born to entertain, this is what I do.

The world of entertainment this summer is going to be one for the books. No major blockbuster competition we are all used to seeing with movies back to back. We really only have a couple big movies this summer and even they may get rescheduled.  Mulan is set to hit theaters at the end of July and personally I think that is too soon. TV shows are doing reruns while other studios are slowly trickling out content to keep people happy. Some shows got incredibly creative by filming their own ‘at home’ specials. NBC’s The Blacklist had a season finale that was half animated! Shows typically all end in May, leaving a smaller summer catalog of game shows or other one-off content to entertain folks at home. But as we enter the summer months, it’s going to be an even dryer season for entertainment since productions are halted and delayed. That’s why people are turning to content online like never before. That’s why we as creators, are on the rise.

“This is the time to get off your butt and make something…”

If you’ve always talked about doing this or making that, this is the time to get off your butt and make something out of that statement. Film your own little movie at home, start writing your fantasy novel, learn editing from YouTube tutorials, finally jump in and learn Photoshop or start producing your own music. There are endless things you can do to explore your creativity. Now is the time we are being watched, now is the time your career can take off. It won’t be long until studios start creating their big budget content again and they may end up calling on you to do it after your little ‘at home production’ goes viral. You never know!

So, I am here to push you a little bit…go out there and bring your dreams to life.  – William Sikora III