Growing up on a farm in New Jersey, William Sikora III had lots of space to craft his films as a kid.  After taking the family camcorder and making late night talk shows and figuring out stop motion animation on his own, everyone around him soon noticed that he had a gift.

As a twelve year old, William Sikora decided to create his company,  B Entertainment.  The “B” represented “Billy” (a nickname for William) and ever since then it has stuck. Sikora began filming shorts and working on animated movies using whatever equipment he could find. His passion for exploring his imagination was unstoppable. Sikora always had a love for animation releasing animated shorts Shunra, the story of a legendary Asian warrior and The Season which showed audiences what happens when a leaf and acorn fall in love.

In 2006, his first feature length film Spirits of the Pines premiered in NYC. A two part film that was filmed in the Pinelands of New Jersey where Sikora was from. It took two years to finish the film.

It wasn’t long until Sikora went back to animating, with his first project ever using the Adobe suite. Patch premiered in 2008, a heartfelt animated short that told the story about an orphan boy and his bear and the strength of a friendship. It became one of Sikora’s most proud creations, even to this day. His sights were always set on Los Angeles though. In 2010, he made the big move to Hollywood where he pushed his career harder than ever in film, photography and design.

In 2012, the company decided to change it’s name to better capture their vision; and Sikora Entertainment was born. Working on animated shorts, films, music videos and TV projects, Sikora never lost sight of his goals. With YouTube, it really opened the doors for people all over the world to see his work and it started a new creative fire for him. Another animated film,The Egg of Darkness garnered over 5 million views in it’s lifetime on YouTube becoming Sikora’s biggest animated film to date. That spawned a new animated series The Squirrels which was bright colored and fun for all ages. Fluffy Friends, a hilarious puppet series not-for-kids has been a huge  success with over 150,000 followers and growing. FYRtv, an entertainment news channel that also showcases Sikora’s films has surpassed 230,000 subscribers and over 250 million views.

The docuseries Adventure Brothers, was a huge undertaking and one of Sikora’s biggest post production projects. The entirely self produced 10 episode series took viewers all around the island of Maui on an unforgettable adventure with two brothers.

In 2016, Sikora edited recording artist Daya’s music video Sit Still, Look Pretty which has surpassed over 50 million views on YouTube alone. Adding his signature style  and even audio of his own whistling the beginning of the video.

Later that year Sikora Entertainment released their first app Fluffymoji, a sticker app which also was featured on The App Store by Apple. In 2017, a sequel app Fluffymoji 2 was released and became an instant hit. On the filmmaking side Sikora collaborated with the late Michael Mann on an visual art piece ELEMENTAL for Grammy winning artist Brandy that showed a side of the artist fans have never seen.

2018 showed no signs of stopping as Sikora released a thriller The Woods, which featured his nephew and niece for the first time in a film.

Since 2020, Sikora worked with incredible artists like Brandy, Luke James, Trent Park, Muni Long, Angelica Ross, and more. His films Fluffy Friends Haunted House, Lone Wolf, Oceans, Veil and many more have garnered love and attention around the world…there is much more to come.