Growing up on a farm in New Jersey, William Sikora III had lots of space to craft his films as a kid.  After taking the family camcorder and making late night talk shows and figuring out stop motion animation on his own, everyone around him soon noticed that he had a gift.

As a twelve year old, William Sikora decided to create his company,  B Entertainment.  The “B” represented “Billy” (a nickname for William) and ever since then it has stuck.  But in 2012, the company decided to change it’s name to better capture their vision; and Sikora Entertainment was born.  Sikora not only makes films, it covers music, web/graphic design, photography, videos, and much more.

Today, Sikora Entertainment is based out of Los Angeles, CA, and  is aiming to take over the industry in every way possible. BTV has been a massive success for the studio, and it continues to rapidly gain an audience with over 150 million views and more than 100,000 subscribers.

Films are constantly being thought up and developed here at Sikora Entertainment, and with the advancement of technology, the studio will begin to open it’s doors to more creative artists to help create fresh and original content.

We here at Sikora Entertainment, hope you share our work with friends and family, and cherish it for years to come, because that is our one and only goal, to entertain YOU!

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