Bringing Lone Wolf To Life

When William Sikora III set out to make Lone Wolf, he had no idea what he was actually about to create.
“I started out just wanting to capture some really great drone footage and take some epic imagery with my poncho. When the long day of filming was over, I felt so happy and free. I spent the entire day alone and managed to capture everything myself. That really was fundamental in driving this film’s narrative. It was a tough shoot, I was wearing shoes originally but the fields had so many prickly things sticking to me, I ended up taking off my shoes and socks entirely. Towards the end of the day I got a cut on my footage and luckily had a bandage to wrap my foot up with but it was bright pink. I am glad you don’t see that anywhere in the film!” Sikora laughed. “It was painful but so worth it in the end.” 

Epic landscapes and an empowering voiceover worked together to give people a peek at a man alone in the wilderness embracing himself and his own life.

“Originally, there was no narration…I felt that it needed a little splash of dialogue to really tie everything together. Visually it was there but when I wrote the script after doing research on people’s perspectives of what a lone wolf is and why and all, that’s when it all just clicked. The worn paths in the fields represented the paths we take everyday, over and over. There is a lot of symbolism in the film that I think really connected people to it.” Sikora continued.

Lone Wolf’s magical drone shots were captured with the DJI Mavic Air 2 which Sikora filmed entirely himself. 

“The film can resonate with everyone, we all experience the same day in and day out life, things get really redundant and almost robotic, that’s not how we are designed to life and it is draining. Getting out there and learning who you are and what you love and actually doing it is beyond rewarding, it’s something you will thank yourself for over and over. I hope that this film inspires at least one person, it will make it all worth it.”

Lone Wolf is now streaming on YouTube and Amazon’s Prime Video.