Brandy Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Full Moon

It’s been twenty years since Brandy released her history making album Full Moon and now she’s ready to celebrate with new vocals, new visuals and more.

“Working with Brandy is always an amazing experience and I wanted to capture her like never before. Beauty, grace, sensuality, romanticism, power. There is so much that exudes from her and this album has touched so many lives, it was important to really try to elevate everything to really make the fans happy.” Sikora said.

Working with the legendary Frank Gatson Jr., Brandy released a teaser featuring a haunting familiar melody.

“We put a moon in there and Frank brought out a telescope which harkened back to Brandy’s Full Moon music video. It was definitely a nod to it and fans recognized it immediately!” Sikora continued.

Stay tuned for more of what Brandy has coming as a new moon is rising!