A Night Out With JOKER

The box office smash hit JOKER has shocked audiences around the world with it’s dark and twisted origin story of Arthur Fleck. Now, Sikora Entertainment wanted to have some fun and make a fan film for Halloween starring William Sikora himself as the infamous villain. A Night Out is a short look inside the mind of the Joker as he battles his inner demons. “I really wanted to make something epic for Halloween this year and utilize the city around me.” Sikora said. 

Filmed in just three hours and edited in five, it was a mighty feat to tackle in time for Halloween but they did it. A Night Out was captured with three different cameras, BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4K, Panasonic GH5 and iPhone 11 Pro. “Paying tribute to Joaquin Phoenix and even Heath Ledger was important to me because these actors put so much of their soul into this character. It was a little uncomfortable at how comfortable it felt to play Joker.” Sikora ended.

Watch the short film HERE.

Check out behind the scenes photos:

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