Adventure Brothers Season Finale

The brothers wrap up their epic first season with a two part finale in Hana. They travel to an underwater cave and then do some incredibly scary cliff jumping in Venus Pool.

“We wanted to really go big for our last adventure and that was all in one day, we split the adventure up into two parts because we did a lot.” Sikora said.

They are already thinking about season two and where they will go next; it has not been officially announced yet but they are already telling fans that this is not the only adventure.

Adventure Brothers: Hawaii, was filmed in April of 2015 and the series aired from October to January 2016. Nine episodes, plus bonus videos make up the first season.

“Mike and I traveled all over the island of Maui, from lava rock environments to coral reefs, hidden underwater caves to mountainous valleys and waterfalls. It was truly paradise but also a lot of hard work. We filmed the entire series ourselves, documenting each and every adventure from multiple cameras and even a drone.” Sikora continued.

We can’t wait to see where the brothers head next! You can watch the entire season HERE.

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