Amy Comes Home

Fluffy Friends has become known for horror movie parodies and fans have flocked to each release. Creator, William Sikora III unleashes his latest horror film but this time it’s an original roughly inspired by those evil dolls Chucky and Annabelle. In Amy, LaTonka comes across a creepy doll on her couch who she then cannot get rid of. The doll is cute until she gives herself a makeover and all hell breaks loose, literally.

This is not the first villain LaTonka had to defeat. She battle a T-Rex, Pennywise, Momo, and even herself in US. “It’s really about bridging horror and comedy together to make some hilarious and thrilling content. Amy definitely brings in the jump scares and LaTonka breaks the tension with her humor, it’s the perfect mix” Director William Sikora said.

You can watch more Fluffy Friends movies on their YouTube channel here.

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