Angelica Ross Debuts Music Video

Angelica Ross has been a fan favorite on the Emmy Award winning show POSE and also American Horror Story but now she is stepping out into the world of music. Her debut single “Only You” is a beautiful pop ballad that will be stuck in your head.

“When I was first brought onto this project in the Fall of 2021, I heard the song and immediately imagined a desert. They already had a treatment together for the video but I wanted to take it to the next level and really do something unique for Angelica. There are too many music videos out there already that follow the same formula, it really was important for me to avoid that, especially being her first music video release.” Sikora said.

The results are a visual joyride that takes viewers through an epic love story, searching for the one. 

“This was one of the most extreme shoots I ever did. We were expecting to be out in the desert in the heat but it ended up being around 45 degrees and very windy with the temperatures dropping to 38 by nightfall. Angelica’s attire was next to nothing so it was even harder for her. It was brutal and Angelica was a trooper with no complaints.”

Angelica is an independent artist, so your support matters, go buy/stream the song ONLY YOU and watch her video below.

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