Behind The Scenes of Hunger Games: Blind Arrow

Sikora Video Diaries is finally back with an all new episode! The last episode followed Sikora getting his second tattoo for his birthday, this time around, we go behind the scenes on The Hunger Games: Blind Arrow and see how the action/parody movie was made.

The film was written by Sikora and Peter Lorenzo who have also penned numerous projects for BTV.  The Hunger Games was a big effort which required a lot of long distance communication because the film was being shot in New Jersey, Sikora handled pre-production with Ellsworth Tallman, who put in a massive amount of organizing and helped make the film possible.

The new Sikora Video Diaries logo also appears in this episode, it’s an edgy, 90’s inspired design, you’ve gotta check it out!

You can watch Sikora’s short film and small cameo here –

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