Creating More Kids Content

“Kids are a huge passion of mine, creating content that is family-friendly has always been at the forefront of my career. There are many different things I work on, but I always come back to animation. As a kid myself, I would spend hundreds of hours playing Mario Paint on my Super Nintendo, creating cartoons and remaking my favorite Disney scenes set to music. Now, with The Squirrels, I am continuing that passion with episodes that have been coming out quarterly. It’s a lot of work for one person to do but I am now focusing on growing and will do what it takes to get there.” Sikora said.

The Squirrels released a new episode this April and featured some new characters. Now, Sikora is doing even more with upcoming children’s content like lullabies and short educational videos featuring those lovable squirrels.

“My first release will be Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star which will feature Abby and an adorable star, it’s a perfect little lullaby to put the little ones to bed.” Sikora continued.

Screenshot_1Abby and her friend from the upcoming music video.

The push for children’s content on YouTube has grown tremendously over the past couple years and Sikora Entertainment is ready to make some magic with their characters.

Aside from The Squirrels, the hit series Fluffy Friends, which is a puppet show for adults has seen great success but Sikora wants to also bring that over to the kids but that needs to be done carefully.

“We’ve thought about creating a Fluffy Friends JR. channel, but I don’t want to confuse audiences with content that may not be suitable for the little ones so I decided on moving away from that name and creating a separate entity that will be unveiled soon. This channel will feature only educational, children’s content; the goal is to get our growing Fluffy Friends audience to introduce the new channel to their own kids.” Sikora said.

There is a lot going on in terms of growth and figuring out where Sikora Entertainment will put it’s footprint on this earth but one thing is for sure, the dream of the kid who made movies on his Super Nintendo, will never give up.

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