Egg of Darkness Is Returning!!!

In a huge surprise announcement today, director William Sikora unveiled his plans for bringing back the smash hit The Egg of Darkness to BTV.

I am beyond excited to be bringing this film I worked so hard on back to the world. Due to the cease and desist from Rovio using their characters in our fan film, we were forced to take it down, sadly they didn’t like what we created but we know the fans loved it. It took a lot of deliberation, but I am happy to say that the project is already in production being re-imagined with our lovable Squirrel characters and I am certain the fans are going to enjoy it just as much as before! We are also throwing in a few surprises for those who have seen it before. Sikora said.

The film will retain the original voice actors and keep the story the same, except for a few tweaks in animation and seeing the birds as squirrels instead.  The Egg of Darkness will be globally re-released this November exclusively on BTV.  The director also unveiled a new trailer which gives fan a peek into the epic adventure awaiting them.

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