Flashback: Making The Egg of Darkness

The last of the Squirrelings must go on an epic adventure to stop the evil emperor from using a powerful crystal to cover the world in darkness.

The animated adventure, The Egg of Darkness premiered in 2014 and garnered millions of views. Due to some issues, the film in it’s original form had to be removed from YouTube. It then went through a “Special Edition” process. Many scenes were altered and enhanced with better animation, shading, and color. It took months to redo and it was re-released featuring new characters The Squirrels from a new series William Sikora was also working on at the time. The Egg of Darkness: Special Edition premiered later that Fall.

Join Red, the squirrel as he journeys to save the world from the evil emperor of the Reptilias, who threatens to cover the land in darkness forever. Directed by William Sikora III. Starring: Tyler Parks, Christina Benthall, Tyler Jacob, William Sikora , Jason Marks, & Chris Alvarado. Inspired from 80’s fantasy films The Never Ending Story and The Dark Crystal, The Egg of Darkness is an animated film full of adventure and fun for the whole family.

Go behind the scenes and meet the voice cast and see how it was made.

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