Fluffy Friends Brings The Screams & Laughs

Fluffy Friends has been pumping out comedy videos for years now but it’s only been recently since they started dabbling with movie parodies. In September fans got an “IT” parody which featured LaTonka talking to Pennywise the clown in the sewer. It exploded on our channels with over 200k views.

The latest parody is much bigger, topping off at almost 10 minutes long and features multiple characters. LaTonka Meets Jigsaw is a hilarious spoof on the SAW films.

“We wanted to have some fun making parodies and the next one had to be bigger! It started out with just LaTonka but I wanted guest stars to be involved. That’s where the white cheerleader Crystal came in. I then added another, the very first puppet that started Fluffy Friends, Cookie Monster. He was always a parody element, making fun of his character and such. We cut him out of Fluffy Friends years back because we wanted to focus on original characters. Since this was a parody, it was a perfect way to bring him back and ‘kill’ him off officially from the series. I forgot how much it hurt my throat to do his voice, but it came out amazing and was a hilarious way to end his character.” Sikora said.

You can watch the full movie here:


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