Fluffy Friends Haunted House Announced

It’s been a while since Fluffy Friends fans have gotten a movie and it looks like the wait will soon be over. Haunted House will take audiences into the world of Fluffington and down the wrong street where Ollie and the gang come across a house of horrors.

“Making horror parodies was a huge part of Fluffy Friends success, we’ve made funny horror movies like Saw, Us, It, Invisible Man as well as the originals Momo and Amy which was a play on Chucky. I am so excited to create more laughs and screams with this haunted adventure.” director and created Sikora said.

The film will star Ollie, Buster, Squirt and the annoyingly lovable Brittany.

Fluffy Friends Haunted House will be the first big release since The Fluff Awakens an epic Star Wars parody premiered in February 2020.

“That movie literally drained me, it was so much work, I believe it was at least over 200 hours put in myself. The reception was all love but sadly no one really watched it, it was quite upsetting but I am so so proud of that project, I put my heart and soul into bringing it to life and it was filmed entirely on a green screen. I will be doing the same thing with this upcoming Haunted House movie, we can take audiences anywhere we want with the magic of special effects and I know they are really gonna enjoy this!” Sikora continued.

Look for Fluffy Friends Haunted House to premiere this October on YouTube and Prime Video.

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