Fluffy Friends Take Over Christmas

Tis the season for laughs with A Fluffy Friends Christmas starring Ollie and LaTonka. After a freak accident, Santa can’t deliver gifts so LaTonka tries to save Christmas by taking Santa’s place. Of course in typical Fluffy Friends fashion, nothing goes as planned and it becomes the craziest holiday movie ever.

“I really wanted to have fun with these two characters and give them a different role, what better than the role of Santa?” William Sikora, the director said.

Fluffy Friends has been making parodies and short films for quite some time now but this is the first big Christmas special they have made. “It was shot entirely on green screen and pieced together. After I was pretty much done, I got the great idea of ‘why not add more?’ and so the entire beginning story was made. It originally started with LaTonka in the chimney; I needed to flesh out the story more and give it more substance, so I slept on it, literally. I lost sleep that night but I woke up the next day with the idea of LaTonka messing up Santa’s plans and then trying to save Christmas, it just made so much more sense. The hard part was that this was less than 2 days before release so I had to act fast and figure it out.” The director laughed.

“A Fluffy Friends Christmas is just the beginning of what’s in store for fans (aka Fluffies) out there and I can’t wait to share more!” Sikora said.

You can watch the Christmas movie right HERE.

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