Fluffymoji 2 Hits The App Store

The latest sticker sensation Fluffymoji 2 has hit the App Store and features over 175 animated stickers and emojis, more than twice the stickers than Fluffymoji 1.

“It took a lot of time to create these stickers, I really wanted to create a wide range of emotions in this pack with much more animated facial expressions than what our actual puppets can do. They have a much more ‘cartoon’ look in their faces with some really fun expressions perfect for any conversation. There are many of them which can be translated in multiple ways which keeps it versatile. We included fun quote stickers like ‘Girl Bye’ ‘Ain’t Got Time’ and many many more which adds a splash of color to any text conversation!” Sikora said.

Fluffymoji recently peaked at #44 on the Top Paid apps in the iMessage App Store and is featured on the front page of the App Store.

Both sticker packs offer unique stickers so grab them and get sticking!

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