Fluffymoji App Comes To Android

September 27, 2017, marks the one year anniversary of Fluffymoji and also with that came the big announcement that Fluffymoji has finally arrived on Android devices. “Fans have been waiting a long time, it’s taken a while to get it developed but we took the best of the iOS Fluffymoji and Fluffymoji 2 and put them together.” Sikora said. The Android app features an exclusive keyboard which also categorizes the emojis and stickers into moods so it’s easier to find what  you want out of the 250+ included stickers.

Fluffymoji was a hit with fans and even was honored by Apple and featured on the App Store, where it climbed to the TOP 50 PAID APPS.

“It was crazy, I never imagined that would happen, it just proves that if you really want something, do not give up and keep pushing.” Sikora continued.

They’re funny, they’re fluffy, they’re awesome! The Official Fluffy Friends Sticker Pack features hilarious emojis, animated stickers, and more! Use the Fluffymoji Keyboard as your main keyboard and send Fluffymojis to friends anywhere!

Fluffymoji 2 has been another success on iOS which packed even more new emojis and animated stickers into one app. You can download Fluffymoji on Android OR Fluffymoji and Fluffymoji 2 for iOS.

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