Hunger Games Release Date & Title Explanation

On November 1, fans will finally get to see the much anticipated short film THE HUNGER GAMES: BLIND ARROW. The short was filmed this past August in New Jersey and then went into post production.

Blind Arrow definitely captures the storyline of Katniss, this is a parody/action movie, so the idea behind the title was that Katniss is completly awful at shooting her arrow, it never hits it’s target, it’s like the arrow is blind…that’s where the title comes from.”  The director William Sikora III said.

The original working title for the film was “Blinding Light”, but after writers Peter Lorenzo and Sikora finished penning the script, there wasn’t much blinding going on and an actual final title needed to be conceived.

Stay tuned on November 1, for the film to debut on BTV.  Subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss out!

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