LaTonka Featured On CNN

LaTonka and her wild antics went viral after reacting to Mariah’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance. This was the first type of video for the beloved puppet and it became her biggest, with over 1 MILLION views in 2 days. The video spread like wildfire across the web and made it’s way onto CNN where it was featured for a moment.

“Fluffy Friends has really been connecting with people online, it’s fun, it’s bold, brash, and unique, I think that’s what makes it so loved.” Creator William Sikora said.

There are more plans to do reaction videos with the puppets and even more characters to be added in 2017. “This is just the beginning, we’ve been pushing for a while now but it takes time to get to where you want to be we have a long way to go!” Sikora concluded.

Watch the full reaction below:

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