LaTonka & Sikora’s New Christmas Song

Sikora returns with a new song, his first in years as he joins LaTonka from Fluffy Friends to bring that feel good Christmas music to the world. Fans might not even realize that the voice of LaTonka is also Sikora, he did a duet with himself.

“I really wanted to try something different, feel good, fun and catchy.” Sikora said. “Initially, we were going to do a comedic Christmas song with just LaTonka, but when I came up with the lyrics and vocal melodies, I knew we were onto something much bigger.” Sikora continued.

“This Christmas” is an original song written by Sikora which features LaTonka singing the first verse and Sikora on the second, they then join together for a big finale that just puts you in the Christmas spirit. The music video premiered exclusively on Fluffy Friends YouTube page today and will also expand to other channels within a couple days.