Ollie Wants It All For Christmas

Fluffy Friends has gone animated in their newest series Fluffy Friends Toons! The premiere kicked off with Ollie singing an original Christmas song in a hilariously colorful music video. “It’s been simmering for a while now, I really wanted to do little animated shorts with my characters, something different from the actual puppets.” The creator Sikora said. 

The singing and dancing is just the beginning as more episodes are planned to drop! “I am really excited to make shorts with all the characters and show them off in new ways. I wanted to give them a unique and fun art style, something that could connect to kids and adults.” Sikora continued.

The Christmas song was also written by Sikora himself. It all comes together in a vivid production of sight and sound. “My main inspiration was from Disney’s Aladdin when the Genie performs his first song “Friend Like Me” while keeping it simple at the same time.”

Watch the video here.

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