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Two agents, one mission: get the jewels. A thrilling short film that only gets more intense.  GET STONED is part one of a trilogy series and a first collaboration between Chán André who directed the film and William Sikora III who assistant directed and edited.

Written & Directed By: Chán André
Assistant Director: William Sikora III
Cast:  Mirtha Michelle, DJ Craig, Jake Sarfaty
Director of Photography: Justin Gurnari
Coloring:  Aidan Stanford
Executive Producers: Fotis Georgiadis, Candice Georgiadis & Chán André
Produced By: Chán André & Tara Razavi
Co-Produced By: Teon Thompson, Rachel Oden, Brian Friedman, Daniel Porter-Brown
Makeup & Hair: Terrell Mullin
Styling: Marc Littlejohn
Release Date: July 18, 2012
Runtime: 6 Minutes

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