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Spirits of the Pines

When the white man sailed onto these shores, they ravaged the lands and declared their territory, making way for gold and glory.  Little did they know, this land was already claimed, by the Indians.  The people who once ruled this land were rubbed out, soon there was hardly any trace of the Indians, the tribes were vanishing, live were lost.  Rumors have it, that the spirits of these deceased Indians still roam the Pinelands, chasing out anyone that comes onto their land.  Deep in the heart of the Pinelands, lies a dark past.

Sarah Cooper (Ally Iseman) discovers that dark past when her and her husband (Todd Ryan Jones) get lost during a trip to visit family. The terror escalates when a child appears in the woods following Sarah. She decides to help the child, but things go terribly wrong!

From director/creator William Sikora III comes the haunting tale that is sure to keep you entertained all the way through! Packed with bonus features, you’ll go behind the scenes and discover for yourself how the movie was made and much more!

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