Sikora Ent Raises A Bucket For ALS

Sikora was challenged by Tyler Parks, the voice of Red in The Egg of Darkness and he quickly rose to accept the challenge. The concept of the challenge is to dump an ice cold bucket of ice and water over your head to raise awareness of the fatal disease ALS. You are then supposed to nominate others to do the challenge themselves or donate to the cause.

I chose some great people who I believe have a good outreach and following, it’s all about doing  your part to help.  I donated and did the challenge, I have heard of Lou Gehrig’s Disease before but honestly never really knew what it was about or that it was even fatal. After some educating and researching, I learned that little funding was really directed toward a cure for ALS and that is a sad thing, but now things have turned around. Sikora explained.

Since the start of the #IceBucketChallenge, the ALSA has raised over 13.5 MILLION dollars in just a short period of time. Compare it to last year during the same period, they earned 1.3 MILLION in donations, that is a huge, huge spike in donations and it is all because of this viral sensation that is educating people on the disease while entertaining them seeing celebrities and public figures get drenched in freezing water.

Recording artist Tyler Jacob, Model/Recording Artist DJ Craig, and Model/Recording Artist Camren Johnson have all accepted Sikora’s challenge and helped spread the word to their followers.

We can only hope that this money can get us one step closer to a cure from ALS, for those who think people are wasting water, think about it as if that bucket of water equals $100 or more in donations. Most people waste more water brushing their teeth or letting the sink run while cleaning the kitchen. 75% of water usage is irrigation, so a little bucket of water isn’t the problem. That little bucket of water just became worth more than ever, so raise a bucket and support the cause.

NOW WE CHALLENGE YOU! Take the #IceBucketChallenge and post your video on Instagram/Twitter and tag @iamsikora

Learn more about ALS at and please donate.

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