Sikora Ent Sets Fire With Brandy “Elemental”

Creating the visual for Brandy’s first new music in five years was no small step. AKIxMANN enlisted William Sikora to join up with their out of this world style to film an art film for the legendary Brandy that debuted in Schon Magazine.

“They said they wanted something really edgy and slightly twisted, her style and looks on the shoot were ‘new’ Brandy, it was super fresh and different and I wanted to carry that over in the visual edit. It brought me back to my roots as an editing days when I first started editing digitally, I used to play with so many concepts and warped images. Brandy is beyond beautiful, to add that edgy/twisted vibe to it made her pop even more. I wanted to add a horror mood to it, speeding up shots, putting shots in reverse, mirror shots to give her that goddess look, it all came together as I started editing.” Sikora said.

Brandy and Ray J brought their song “Edible High” into the project which was the first new music released in years. The song itself is an edgy, smooth harmony filled jam. “I wanted to have the song before I even started editing, I wanted every beat and kick in the song to be choreographed visually, it is not your typical music video and I think that’s what people loved about it.”

AKIxMANN’s Michael & Tyler Mann crafted her out of this world style to a nature elements theme which carried over in the video with water, fire, wind, earth, sky.

“It was an incredible honor to work with such a legendary artist who was beyond humble and amazing. We were working in 110 degrees, surrounded by hordes of flies, drenched in sweat out in the middle of a desert sea surrounded by dead fish and trash; it was quite an experience, something I will never forget. We were all troopers that day.” Sikora said.

Watch ELEMENTAL below:


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