Sikora On Disney XD

Disney XD has recently released a new TV series Polaris Primetime, that focuses on pure gaming fun and Sikora got in on the action on set. 

From 9pm to 3am Disney XD is DXP. Polaris Primetime itself is of the variety show genre: a regular rotation of special guests, short films, and video game related skits. And a lot of Blue Shell-triggered road rage between ¬†Jimmy Wong, fellow co-host Meghan ‘Strawburry17’ Camarena, and the show’s panel. “[Mario Kart 8] is a game we’ve actually played twice on the show,” said Wong. “Because it’s a great party game, it’s competitive, and it’s an awesome thing to watch with a bunch of people playing at the same time. You never know who’s going to win with that kind of games too, which is great.”

Sikora and other creators are part of the cast who play games, film their own content, and so much more, it’s like nothing you’ve seen on TV before!Polaris Primetime Disney XD Polaris Primetime Disney XD


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