Sikora Unveils ‘The Squirrels’

The world is about to go nuts as we finally unveil our newest characters in the upcoming animated series, The Squirrels.

I am beyond excited to show these characters to the world and give them a taste of what is to come. The plan is to release animated shorts featuring this crazy family of squirrels who live in a tree, they will go on adventures, do parodies, and down the road, I’d love to see them in iPad children’s books and even games/apps.  Sikora said.

The Squirrels is the first original characters from Sikora Entertainment since 2012’s Rudy: The Christmas Ball. Although there have been many animated creations that featured other branded characters in parody shorts/fan films released from 2012 to 2014, the time is now for all original characters to take the spotlight.


With the critical acclaim of Patch, director William Sikora is setting out to create his own brand and with a goal to expand the characters across multiple platforms and entertainment venues, the real work is just beginning.

The Squirrels is set to premiere it’s first animated short sometime this year.


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