Workstation Takes Out Two Hard Drives

In the heat of production, one of Sikora Ent’s main workstations burned out, taking two important hard drives with it.  All work was halted until a new up to date system arrived.  Projects are expected to be back up and running next week. “We suffered a terrible loss with two of our drives, on top of the computer failing, we lost a large portion of our sound archives and a very large archive of past raw video footage…very heartbreaking but there was little we could do after our data recovery attempts didn’t fix anything.” William Sikora said. “Luckily most of our current content and other media was all safe and backed up on other drives, it is just unfortunate that our two backups of our audio and video archives were lost.”

HP will be  the new primary workstation for design, production, and post workflow. HP is a leader in design and powerful workstations. No word on release dates for the upcoming CollectiveUth Little Rascals film or Meg Kelley’s music video – yet both are set to wrap post production by the end of October.

“As we move on from this disaster, we can only be an exciting  for what is ahead, bigger and better things await, we must be prepared for success.”

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