The Borderline With Brandy

Brandy’s seventh studio album B7 kicked off with “Baby Mama” which was a bright and colorful anthem to single mothers out there. “Borderline” was a totally different song about the struggles with mental health and a relationship that emotionally took the singer to the borderline.

“Being on set, getting to film the entire experience, it was unlike other videos.” Sikora said.

The singer/actress really honed in her skills to fully embrace the acting in the video. “Borderline” is a deeply emotional song and very personal to the singer. Go behind the scenes and watch the making of the video. “It is such an honor to get to capture these moments with someone so legendary in the music game, it’s kind of mind boggling that I am a part of a chapter in this all.” Sikora said.

B7 is now out in stores and available all music platforms!

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