The Egg of Darkness Is Gone…

If you have not noticed already, we had to remove our latest animated movie The Egg of Darkness entirely from the web because we received a cease and desist from the creators of those not so happy birds.  It saddens me that it ended like this, the entire concept of the movie was a passion project/fan film/parody on the characters and a spin on famous 80’s fantasy movies that were very dear to my heart growing up (The Dark Crystal, The NeverEnding Story.)

I did not make the movie with intentions of infringing on anyone’s work. I made the film following what I believed was a parody; the characters in this movie talked, which was one of many differences than the official birds that Rovio created. Much of the film was also original and was born out of my imagination but I understand their right to protect the characters and understand how in order to keep their property untainted by a fan’s interpretation, Rovio needed to protect itself… even from fan-works with good intentions.

Complying with their demands, the film that I personally spent almost 200 hours on has been taken down but my focus in animation will remain undeterred. Over the past few months I have been developing some new animated projects and characters that are almost ready to be shown and I am very excited for you to see! Thanks for all the support.

I am committed to following my PASSION in life and that is to ENTERTAIN.

– William Sikora III

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